The Daily Dash: June 2 2016 {Happy Birthday Husband}

by brenna

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Today’s a celebration…

The Daily Dash: June 2 2016 {Happy Birthday Husband}

* Murder/Suicide at UCLA
* First baby born in US with birth defects from Zika virus
* Severe flooding in Texas
* NBA finals begin tonight

* Yesterday was another day of firsts for the kids: Britton started a new tennis group that was a challenge for him and both kids had their first swim meet. Neither were super comfortable for them, but they pushed through.

Today, we are celebrating not only that my husband is home, but that it’s his birthday! After her first baking success this weekend, Kariss wants to bake a German chocolate cake, her dad’s favorite. And while we were going to have a cookout, I think the weather has pushed us to do a taco night instead 🙂

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The Daily Dash: June 2 2016 {Happy Birthday Husband}

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