Day 2: FamilyLife Marriage Cruise Honduras {The Daily Dash: February 12, 2019}

by Sami

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We said we were going to go to bed early tonight…

Day 2: FamilyLife Marriage Cruise Honduras{The Daily Dash: February 12, 2019}


* National Youth Day


Beware of competing calls once the call of God grips you ~ Oswald Chambers


It was our second full day of the LLYMI Marriage Cruise and our port stop was in Honduras.

At breakfast, we sat at a table of 6 intentionally, even though it was just the two of us. Listen to the video to learn what kept us there for two hours!

Even though it’s a marriage cruise, there are lots of staff and performers who aren’t. It’s always cool to see who we meet on board, both new friends as well as people we connect with from past LLYMi cruises.

What we loved about Honduras, besides the beauty, was that we docked right in port and only had to walk five minutes to the beach. They had a ski lift type thing you could take to the beach, but it cost $14 per adult and looked crazy hot.

You know me: I have a hard time paying money in port with all the transaction fees. It’s also hard to eat off ship when you know everything has already been paid for on ship!

So we got off, went in the water for about a half hour and then came back on ship for lunch. Of course, we ended up talking to someone again right up until dinner.

Not that we had to eat again, but we did ? We were exhausted, but we didn’t want to miss the speakers & sessions. Tonight they had six of the speakers answer questions guests submitted (everything from sex to leadership in the home).

Before we knew it we stayed up to listen to the comedian and Meredith Andrews and didn’t get back to the room until Midnight!

We also had some tough conversations, so we’re trying to work through and process that. After all, there’s no better place than here on this cruise to do exactly that, but we’d appreciate your prayers.

May we all be humble in what we do and what we say.

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familylife marriage cruise 2019 day 2 honduras
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