Don’t give up on God

by Sami

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20120124-102446.jpgI just finished co-hosting the family-friendly morning show with Doug while Jaci Velasquez was off promoting her new album. It was an amazing experience and in the excitement of the morning I realized my gas tank was almost on empty. So I left the station and promptly found a place to fill up.

After pulling in, I watched a homeless man selling papers at the intersection. I felt voyeuristic as I sat in my car talking on my phone paying for expensive gas.

There was something very unassuming about him. Sometimes people in that position seem desperate.

Not him.

I didn’t feel sorry for him as much as I felt compelled to help him.

Not long after that thought, as I still sat in my car waiting for the tank to fill, he walked to his backpack propped up against a nearby sign.

In that moment I felt God say, “don’t give up.”

Was that meant for me? Should I not give up on helping him?

Perhaps I was supposed to tell him to not give up. Should I tell him,”don’t give up on what God has for you?” who was I to be giving any sort of advice in this circumstance?

So instead, after my tank filled, I put my receipt in my wallet and I pulled out a single dollar bill. I went out of my way to drive up to him so that he was right next to my driver side window. Since he had left his post and was hunched over his backpack, I had to summon his attention.

“excuse me sir, may I buy a paper from you?”

If I had startled him, he didn’t show it. Instead he looked up at me with a genuine smile and simply said, “Of course.”

As we made the exchange, I returned the smile and said “don’t give up on what you’re doing.”

I don’t know if that was the right thing to say. In fact I don’t know if I should have said anything at all. But I do know that that was what came out of my mouth in that moment, and I know that God can do more with my words than I ever could dream of.

Have you given up on God lately? Have you given up on what God has for you?
Have you put yourself in a position that you think you know better than God?

Whatever the case may be just remember this: there is someone watching over you every moment of the day and He’ll give you exactly what you need when you least expect it… and He will never give up on you.

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