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Drive Less {Family Money Minute}

Drive Less


February 19, 2015: Drive Less

I don’t know about you, but one of our families biggest expenses has to do with our automobiles, and they’ve both been paid off for years!

If you hadn’t guessed already, I’m talking about gas. While we’ve noticed a recent drop in gas prices, that doesn’t change how many miles we drive back-and-forth each day. But what we can do is limit the amount of miles we drive by being smarter about where we go and when we go there.

When we used to have to drive our kids to school, we found a family to carpool with. Now we are lucky to have a bus take them to and from school right outside our door.

Even if you’re not dealing with school aged children, think ahead about how you can combine errands, work, and even your date night. Whenever possible, we’ll try to combine all of those into one day so that once were out, we stay out, thereby limiting the number of trips back and forth from our house to the city and reducing our gas usage. This not only saves money and gas, but miles on our car as well.


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