Ep 001: Fall Getaways, Online Safety, Make-Ahead Breakfasts, Top Savings Tips

by Sami

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The first episode of The Sami Cone Show aired on Friday, September 13, 2019.

Episode 001_ September 2019

Ep 001 Show Segments {September 2019}

SoundWaves 3 Ways: Fall Getaway Ideas for Everyone

From date night to girls’ weekend, we explore 3 fun fall staycation ideas you may not have known existed at SoundWaves. Sami talks with Linda Scruggs about why this should be your next fall getaway. (This segment sponsored by SoundWaves at Gaylord Opryland)

Discover all the ways you can explore SoundWaves 3 Ways this fall!

Staying Safe Online: How to Protect Yourself & Your Family

We discuss social media savvy, online safety & privacy concerns, especially for parents. Titania Jordan, an expert on parenting in an online world, guides us in what we need to be paying attention to, from internet providers to software help. This segment sponsored by Bark.

Sweet & Savory Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas with Chef Laura Lea

Everyone is busy, so we make sweet and savory breakfast options that are as healthy as they are delicious. Get Laura Lea’s Make-Ahead breakfast recipes.

Buy Laura Lea’s first cookbook on Amazon: The Laura Lea Balanced Cookbook
Stay tuned for pre-order opportunities for Laura Lea’s second cookbook coming out in 2020.

Sami’s Top Savings Tips

In her Talk of the Town 10th anniversary segment with Meryll Rose, Sami shares her top savings tips from the past decade; perfect for anyone wanting to make a difference in their spending habits today.

Bonus Features

Sami Says

Our friend Cristy from Florida asked, “How can I save money on healthy foods for my family?”

Well, Cristy, that’s an excellent question. I have two big tips to help with this:
1. Buy healthy and organic foods in bulk: prep it all right away and freeze what you can for later
2. Shop the sales: everything from free-range eggs to organic pantry staples go on sale, so make sure you stock up when they do!

Do you have a question for Sami? Read how to get yours on-air!

Sami’s Savings Tip: First-Time Discounts

Everywhere from restaurants to dry cleaners often offer discounts if it’s your first time visiting their establishment. Whether it’s a free appetizer or 10% off, you’ll never know what kind of savings you’ll discover until you ask!

Before I Go, I Need You to Know…At What Cost?

In our lives, we face many obstacles and opportunities. Some may seem good at first – even an answer to prayer – but upon further reflection, you may find the cost is actually bigger than the blessing. And we’re not talking just the monetary cost, but the toll it could take on your time, soul, sanity and family.

I pray each of you will take the time to count the cost of any opportunity that may come your way today and every day. And never forget: you are worthy and you are enough!

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