Ep 19 March 2021: DIY Cleaners, Nashville Attractions, Boba Tea Recipe & Scholarship Fund

by Sami

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The temperature is finally warming up and I’m here to help you get ready for all things spring on today’s show. I know you’re looking for more natural and frugal ways to keep your home clean, so I’ll show you how to make homemade DIY cleaners and teach you some of my favorite cleaning techniques.

I’ll also take you around town to highlight some of the most unique local attractions that are ready to help you celebrate and host your next special event. I’ve also invited the creators of my daughter’s favorite treat, Nashville Spring Boba Tea, to teach us their famous recipe. 

Finally, I have the privilege of introducing you to an incredible young woman whose life ended too early and share how you can help honor her memory through a Kendra Scott scholarship fund.

So get ready to let your light shine with me for the March 2021 episode of The Sami Cone Show…

Episode 19 of The Sami Cone Show aired on Friday, March 12, 2021 at 1 PM, and re-aired on Saturday, March 13 at Noon. Scroll to the bottom of the post to watch the show in its entirety.

The Sami Cone Show: Episode 19 Show Segments {March 2021}

Sami Cone Show stage March 2021

DIY Spring Cleaners & Cleaning Tips

If you’re ready to freshen your home, help your budget and remove unwanted chemicals, then you’ll want to check out my DIY cleaner recipes and cleaning tips.

Boba Tea Recipe

My daughter is OBSESSED with Boba tea, so I went to our favorite Nashville Boba spot to discover their famous Nashville Spring Tea recipe. While it’s always best in person, you’ll be surprised at just how easy it is to make at home!

Nashville Attractions for your Next Meeting

Are you ready to get out and celebrate and meet safely? Look no further than these four unique local attractions!

Haley Sue Pearson Scholarship Fund

This month, I get to share the story of a bright light that left this earth too soon. In her honor, Kendra Scott is holding an in-person and virtual event to help set up a scholarship for future world changers. Here’s how you can help…

Before I Go, I Need You to Know: You Are Valued

Last week, my daughter’s AP Lang teacher asked all the parents to write a letter to our child. The class had been analyzing different types of letters all week and on Friday we got to surprise them with these very personal tribute.

She didn’t give us much instruction: it could be a lesson we wanted to impart, encouragement to share or anything in between.

As a writer, I share a lot of words with my kids and frequently write them notes. But this task seemed daunting for some reason.

Yet as I prayed, asking God for wisdom before I sat down to write, one phrase kept repeating itself in my mind: YOU ARE VALUED.

I could tell my daughter how beautiful, smart and talented she is – and I did tell her all those things – but none of it matters if she doesn’t fundamentally grasp how valued and valuable she is, not only in my eyes, but in the eyes of her Heavenly Father as well.

I’ve always loved Zephaniah 3:17, which says, 

“The Lord your God is with you, the Mighty Warrior who saves. He will take great delight in you; in his love he will no longer rebuke you, but will rejoice over you with singing.”

If you’ve heard nothing else I’ve said today, hear these words that I originally penned for my precious daughter:

NEVER let anyone tell you that you are not worthy, that you cannot do something or that you do not have a seat at the table. Be confident, make a place for yourself and speak up for what you believe. You are valued simply because you are YOU. 

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Wardrobe Sponsor: Lilly Pulitzer

How much do you love this shirtdress (with pockets, no less!) I couldn’t have picked a better outfit for spring in Nashville. You know we get those 30-degree temperature shifts during the day, so this keeps me covered in the cool moments, but is light and airy enough for those sunny afternoons.

I’m grateful to Lilly Pulitzer at The Mall at Green Hills for always helping me look my best on camera each month.

Shop the Lilly Pulitzer Mira Shirtdress in Pineapple Paradise

Jewelry Provided by Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott Jewelry March 2021

It was my pleasure to share about the Haley Sue Pearson scholarship fund event at Kendra Scott’s Green Hills – Nashville location. In addition to the beautiful Haley collection you’ll find there, here are the pieces they provided for me to wear on the show this month:

I complimented the dress with some beautiful turquoise jewelry and a Y shaped necklace:

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