Ep 38 October 2022: Kendra Scott, Jackie Patillo, TN Women Connect Live & Cut Energy Costs

by Sami

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We have some powerhouse women on the show today, and I can’t wait to introduce you to each of them. 

Today’s show kicks off with my one-on-one interview with Kendra Scott during her recent Nashville visit to celebrate the launch of her new book, “Born to Shine”.

Next, I’ll introduce you to two Tennessee women helping fellow businesswomen connect and develop an abundance mindset. 

Then, I’m teaching you how to cut back on energy costs before the real winter chill arrives. 

Finally, I’ll sit down with the Executive Director of the Gospel Music Association ahead of this month’s Dove Awards to discuss her groundbreaking career.

Episode 38 of The Sami Cone Show aired on Friday, October 14, 2022, and re-aired on Saturday, October 15.

The Sami Cone Show: Episode 38 Show Segments {October 2022}

Kendra Scott is Born to Shine

Kendra Scott recently stopped in Nashville on her book tour to celebrate her new memoir, “Born to Shine”. I sat down with the self-made billionaire to learn why she chose now to share her story and how she overcame the obstacles in her life to create such a successful business that gives back.

Kendra Scott Interview

Nourishing an Abundance Mindset

Lucy Miller, Founder of TN Women Connect, came on the show to talk about their upcoming live event on October 20, 2022 at The Loveless Cafe Barn. The theme of this year’s event is “Abundance”.

Kirbee Miller, Founder of Kirbee + Co, also joined Lucy on the show to discuss how she’ll encourage everyone in attendance to develop an abundance mindset.

Save 10% off TN Women Connect LIVE Event

How to Cut Back on Energy Costs

On Talk of the Town this month, I shared my top tips for how to save on your energy bill before the weather gets cold.

Energy-Saving Tips

Jackie Patillo Interview

The energetic force behind the Gospel Music Association, Jackie Patillo, stopped by to talk about her career and how to build a bridge with music ahead of the 53rd annual Dove Awards.

Come back to watch the Jackie Patillo Interview

Before I Go, I Need You To Know: Ask More Questions

I had the pleasure of being interviewed for a podcast this week by the next generation of media stars. They finished the interview by asking me what question I wish young people would ask me more. 

My answer was simple: I wish they would ask more questions!

There seems to be a misnomer that we all need to have everything figured out by a young age and if we ask questions, that somehow communicates that we don’t know what we’re doing.

The truth is, we only learn when we ask questions, especially of each other. Understanding, compassion, and yes, even competency come when we can humble ourselves to ask more questions.

The Bible echoes this in Matthew 7, when Jesus says, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened.”

So let’s continue to ask and seek. When we begin to prioritize our conversations around the concept of understanding who we are talking to rather than being understood ourselves, true connection will follow.

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