Family Money Minute Show Posts: November 2014

by Sami

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Family Money Minute Show Posts: November 2014

Frozen Oatmeal Recipe
Clear the Clutter
Grandma’s Throat Coat
Kids’ Checkbook Register
Fall Fashion: Boot Socks

Homemade Stock Recipe
Garage Sale Tips
Homemade Anit-Bacterial Spray
Good Time to Buy TVs
Season Passes

National Shoebox Collection Week: Toys
National Shoebox Collection Week: Toiletries
National Shoebox Collection Week: School Supplies
National Shoebox Collection Week: Clothes/Shoes
National Shoebox Collection Week: Candy

Cook Ahead Sides
Brine Your Turkey
Easy Fall Decor
Maximize Family Time
Maximize Black Friday

The Family Money Minute is sponsored by Operation Christmas Child, a project of Samaritan’s Pursean organization where packing a shoebox gift is a great way to teach your kids about having a giving heart. Operation Christmas Child supports the concept that by saving money, anyone can make an impact on the lives of needy children, families and communities worldwide.

Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift samaritan's purse

To learn more about how you can help Operation Christmas Child as a family by packing a shoebox online anytime throughout the year, visit

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