Favorite Things My Kids Said Today

by Sami

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Britton: “Put my sword in my pants!”
Today was the first day I was up and about in 3 days, so you can imagine my amusement when I was getting breakfast ready and I heard this comment from the other room. What you have to understand is that in true pirate form, Britton always wants to carry his plastic swords on him, which means that then usually end up stuck down his pants with the handle sticking out of the waistband (which I need to remember before trying to sit him in his booster seat!)

Kariss: “Hang on God, don’t talk yet!”
I read the kids “The Legend of the Three Trees” tonight for the first time (a belated Christmas present – you need to check out this wonderful fable about how God’s dreams are bigger than our own.) Kariss has been dreaming that she could fly like Tinkerbell, so I told her that maybe God has an even better dream for her. I told her how I’ll ask God questions and then sit quietly and wait to hear his voice in my head or my heart. So she asked him about His dreams for her, but then said the above quote because I started talking to Britton and she was afraid we wouldn’t be able to hear him… too cute.

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