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First Tooth Gone! Tooth Fairy Gifts???

Well, it happened – my baby lost her first tooth!

She’s been contorting this poor tooth for some time now and her bottom front tooth finally popped out while she was brushing her teeth this morning.

Of course now come the bigger questions: what do kids get for tooth fairy gifts these days? What is a good first tooth keepsake? What do I do when she believes in the tooth fairy but wants to know if I’m the one who puts money under her pillow? Dilemma, dilemma…

Disclaimer: I took the video above when Kariss came running in to the kitchen to show me her tooth – don’t worry grandmas…I did actually fix her hair before sending her off to school 🙂

The now infamous hole
On the way to school...toothless


  1. I heard of a gold dollar for each tooth… maybe stop by the bank today and see if they have one….

  2. I love that idea Shelley – I’m totally going over there to see if they have them!