Flock Presents Disneyland {The Daily Dash: September 21, 2019}

by Sami

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My son and I are on a plane cross country today…

Flock Presents Disneyland {The Daily Dash: September 21, 2019} #FlockPresents


* White House whistleblower speaks up
* 3rd image of Trudeau in blackface emerged
* Storm Area 51 Day
* National Fried Rice Day


Determinedly demolish some things ~ Oswald Chambers


Getting up early this morning wasn’t a chore because it meant flying from Nashville to LA with my son for a special event at Disneyland. Not only will I be attending the FLOCK conference, but the two of us will get to experience Fall and Halloween at the Disneyland resort.
FLOCK events are special because they one day intensives that focus on a single topic, such as Pinterest, Instagram, SEO and even blog photography. Unlike some other conferences that cover a variety of topics over several days, FLOCK purposes to hyper-focus on one topic so that you walk away with actionable items.
And of course, there will be plenty of fun and tons of Disney snacks along the way.
If these one-day workshops sound intriguing to you, or you want to see if one is coming to your city, visit FlockPresents.com. Make sure to use code FLOCKWITHSAMI to save $25 too!
The Sami Cone Show: one more piece of good news – my show will re-air today at 1pm and tomorrow at Noon on NewsChannel5+. Of course, you can also watch it online at your leisure too.

It would seem silly to travel to the happiest place on earth and not pray joy for each of you today. Please pray for us that this weekend is the perfect balance of learning and whimsy.

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Hope you have a great day, make sure you make it great and don’t forget to tell someone you love how you feel about them!

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