The Sami Cone Show Episode 1 Now Online {The Daily Dash: September 18, 2019}

by brenna

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For all of you asking, you can now watch the first episode of my show online…

The Sami Cone Show Episode 1 Now Online {The Daily Dash: September 18, 2019}


* First national GM strike in 12 years
* Felicity Huffman sentenced to 14 days in prison in college admission scandal
* Christie Brinkley dropped out of #DWTS with broken arm; daughter steps in to fill her shoes
* National Cheeseburger Day


God rarely allows a person to see how great a blessing he is to others ~ Oswald Chambers


Friends – we did it! The very first episode of The Sami Cone Show is out in the universe for everyone to see.

If you missed it live, you can now watch it in its entirety online here.
And while you’re there, I would greatly appreciate it if you’d subscribe to my YouTube Channel. (I cannot customize my channel name until we get a certain amount of subscribers and watch time, so the more you can share, the better!).

I loved getting to sit down with all my guests and now I want to hear from you: what do you want to learn about? Who would you love to see on the show?

And don’t forget, you can submit your own question by following these simple steps:

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Burger Fi: Buy one cheeseburger, get 1 for $1 today
Starbucks: Double Star Day
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PRAYER FOCUS: Prioritize
I’ll be the first to admit that things have been crazier in the past couple weeks with the launch of my show, so today I’m pausing to re-prioritize and make sure I’m telling my time what to do and not the other way around.

Stay in the know on the go:

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The Sami Cone Show Episode 1 Now Online {The Daily Dash: September 18, 2019} #TheSamiConeShow

Hope you have a great day, make sure you make it great and don’t forget to tell someone you love how you feel about them!

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