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Free Outback Steak

Don’t dilly dally on this people, get a free Outback Steak!

Just head to http://www.outbackfreesteaks.com/ and sign up to get afree steak at your local Outback. They’re giving away a million free steaks in honor of their new Wood Fire Grill, but they’re only holding a certain amount of spots for each restaurant.

So what are you waiting for? This is free Outback people!

FYI, the coupon will be mailed to you in 4 weeks, so you can’t rush out for a late night snack tonight 😉


  1. I want a free steak !!!

  2. Why didnt i get one? What did I do wrong

  3. Saw advertisement on tv went straight to computer. My zip code is no good !!!! Why

  4. Are you kidding??????? Just spent 28 minutes and entered my zip code three times only to be told that my zip was invalid. Again, are you kidding me??????? I’ve lived at this zip code for 31 years!!!!!!!! Thanks but no thanks for the FREE steak.

  5. Just click on the link and be patient 🙂

  6. You have to be patient – their website is overloaded right now…

  7. Is there an Outback in your area?

  8. I got my quickly, my took a long time for my mom -just hang in there!

  9. i have been trying to get to the free steak for an hour now —— it won’t let me get one. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Rosie, hang in there – after you enter your zip, you’ll enter your name & address and then they’ll mail you a coupon good for a free steak dinner!

  11. So why is my code invalid, means no more steaks or wut??!?!?!?!?!

  12. I think the Outback style seasoning make your steaks and prime rib the best I have ever had, without question!

  13. Could be that they’ve already given out the allotted number of free steaks for your area…

  14. Thanks for the heads up, Sami! I got one 🙂 Only took 2 minutes!

  15. Great Big Steak YUM

  16. hello blokes i cant wait for a free steak ,i really like your place

  17. Says I already ordered a coupon for one for this household. NO I DIDN’T!!!
    Now… no free steak, and I go there alot for dinner.

  18. My favorite place..

  19. I love this place. I would love to have a free steak

  20. I tried to enter. I have never entered before. I got the message “Sorry mate. Only one steak per household.” or something like that. I am the only one who has entered and this is the first time. What’s up?

  21. Try from a different computer or mobile phone and see if that works….

  22. What did I do wrong? Site said “only one per household” I only tried once.
    NO Coupon! phooey