Get TWO Casper Pillows Under $90 {The Daily Dash: April 25, 2022}

by Sami

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We just gave our bedding a makeover and now you can get our favorite pillow at a steal …

Get TWO Casper Pillows Under $90 {The Daily Dash: April 25, 2022}


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If you saw my last episode of The Sami Cone Show, you know I partnered with Casper to give our master bedroom bedding a major makeover! (I also talked to a sleep expert about how to get better sleep and improve our sleep hygiene).

And if you listened to my advice, I shared the ONE THING I would splurge on if you had to choose: your pillow. It truly makes the biggest difference in your sleep. Plus, your face touches it each night, so if it’s dirty or unsupportive, you will notice it.

So imagine my surprise when I got a notification that the Amazon Treasure Truck is offering not one, but TWO Casper Sleep Pillows for just $89 total. These standard pillows retail for $65 each, so this deal is HOT!

I guarantee this deal will sell out FAST.

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Check out my 10 simple ways to improve sleep.

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Get TWO Casper Pillows Under $90 {The Daily Dash: April 25, 2022}

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