How Do You Afford Summer Camp? {The Daily Dash: May 29, 2019}

by brenna

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There is a rite of summer that I’ve never understood…

How Do You Afford Summer Camp? {The Daily Dash: May 29, 2019} 


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God answers prayers in the best way – not just sometimes, but every time ~ Oswald Chambers


There is one thing I’ve never understood in all my years as a parent: how to afford summer camp.

I realize there are a number of free options out there (including Apple Camp, VBS & other regional camps), but they are definitely few and far between. And even the free camps typically only last a few hours, so by the time you drop your kids off, it isn’t long before you have to pick them up again!

As our kids have gotten older, they’ve wanted to do more. Even church camps are not cheap when you multiply it over a couple kids. We try to walk the fine line between keeping them active, but also encouraging them to work and find ways to occupy themselves.

I have to real life lesson to share, other than to see if you all have some words of wisdom for me too!

I pray you learn to look at things in a new way today and embrace the unexpected.

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How Do You Afford Summer Camp? {The Daily Dash: May 29, 2019}

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