I Need Your Help {The Daily Dash: March 26, 2020}

by brenna

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A lot of us are taking hits in our bottom line, but here are a few simple ways you can help today…

I Need Your Help {The Daily Dash: March 26, 2020}


* Government approves $2 trillion Coronavirus relief package
* Death toll in Spain tops 4000
* Prince Charles tested positive for virus
* MLB teams and fans celebrate opening day at home
* Air Max Day


A saint doesn’t know the joy of the Lord in spite of tribulation, but because of it. ~ Oswald Chambers


As most of you know, I’ve been blogging for over a decade and making my living from those online pursuits. What you may not know is that many of us (like many of you), are taking a BIG hit right now, in both blog traffic and in income.

Likewise, sponsors are having to pull out of commitments – for everything from articles to my TV show – because of the current state of the economy. I saw a post from a friend of mine (thanks Michelle, from Modern Boca Moms!) who shared some simple ways you can help those of us who work and build communities online. I’d be honored if you’d do one or all of the ideas below:

A couple of you have asked how to support your blogger friends during this time, so I wanted to share some suggestions!

1) If you’re shopping online, use our affiliate links. Here is mine for Amazon (just click thru and shop!)

2) Visit our blogs and social media accounts. Page views and likes/comments (engagement) are really important for us.

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And please share and visit The Sami Cone Show
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3) Consider pinning one of our blog posts to your Pinterest account

4) Share our blogs with your friends
I know a LOT OF US are doing online shopping right now, so the Amazon store is key. It doesn’t cost you anything at all to shop through my Amazon store and I will make a small commission on anything you buy.

Our past is behind us, our future is ahead of us, all we can control is our attitude today. I pray you are steadfast in all you do and say!

Stay in the know on the go:

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I Need Your Help {The Daily Dash: March 26, 2020} #OpeningDayAtHome

Hope you have a great day, make sure you make it great and don’t forget to tell someone you love how you feel about them!

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