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I will go

When Rebekah met Abraham’s servant, who wanted her to return to his home to be married to Isaac, she was ready and willing.  Her brother and mother even asked if she could stay with them before leaving.  So they left it up to the girl to decide.  Rebekah knew this was God’s will for her life, so her only response was, “I will go” (Gen 24:58).

When you say that you want to follow God’s will or that you are willing to go wherever he takes you, do you really mean it?  We can hurt God with our insincerity.  Are you willing to leave everything that you now find comfortable to answer the call God has placed upon your life?

God has rich plans for each of us if we are only sincere in going down that path.  Are you ready to say those three little words?  Try it right now, but only if you mean it: I WILL GO.

Teach me, O LORD, to follow your decrees; then I will keep them to the end. –Ps. 119:33