Introducing the Alabaster Bible {The Daily Dash: May 25, 2021}

by Sami

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I’ve discovered a beautiful new way to read and share the Bible…

Introducing the Alabaster Bible {The Daily Dash: May 25, 2021}


  • One year anniversary of George Floyd murder
  • Simone Biles becomes first woman to land a Yurchenko double pike in competition
  • The Weeknd led with 10 wins at Billboard Music Awards
  • Phil Mickelson became the oldest major winner with an enthralling PGA Championship victory
  • National Safe Sun Week Day


Beware of the tendency to ask the way when you know it perfectly well ~ Oswald Chambers


Because I pride myself on introducing you to new things, I’m often shocked when someone surprises me with something new. But that’s exactly what happened to me this weekend when I was introduced to the Alabaster Bible.

In their own words, the Alabaster Bible is an exploration of creativity, beauty, and faith. “Beauty matters in our understanding of who God is. We live in a visual culture. The only way to experience God through creativity is to make things—so that’s what we do. We make The Bible Beautiful…Making begets making. We make because God makes, and it is good.”

The Alabaster Bible books resemble a beautiful coffee table book, yet are literal books of the Bible. From what I understand, the creators are newer Christians that appreciated the word of God and loved reading it, but felt like there needed to be a better way of sharing it. When you hand someone a Bible, it can be daunting to understand and hard to know where to start.

You’ll find individual books of the Bible, as well as curated thoughts like “All That is Made: A Guide to Faith and the Creative Life” and “On Beauty and Faith”.

Here are links to some of their books you can find on Amazon:

PRAYER FOCUS: Prayerfulness

Let’s not relegate prayer to before mealtimes and bedtimes…or worse yet, only when we need something. God is not a vending machine. I pray we all cry out to God today, both in praise and making our requests known to him.

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Introducing the Alabaster Bible {The Daily Dash: May 25, 2021}

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