JH Outback Nashville Experience {The Daily Dash: October 21, 2019}

by brenna

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My family unplugged and experienced a life-changing event this past weekend…

JH Outback Nashville Experience {The Daily Dash: October 21, 2019}


* Meghan Markle admits she’s “not OK”
* Canada’s election is today
* Carrie Fisher would have turned 63 today
* Cowboys beat Jets in MNF
* National Sloth Day


The mountaintop is not meant to TEACH us anything, it’s meant to MAKE us something ~ Oswald Chambers


This past weekend, my son and I (as well as my husband and daughter) experienced JH Outback in Nashville. These are a condensed weekend experience of what you’d normally experience at JH Ranch. While there are many possible combinations of how you can experience JH, they truly specialize in helping transform parent/teen relationships.

I’ll go into more detail in another video, but it’s hard to describe everything we loved about JH Outback. Not only was the one-on-one time with my son so special, we had so much fun and learned so much about each other. Plus, it was great to connect with other parents and teens in the same boat as us!

If you have any questions about JH Outback, leave them below and I’ll do my best to answer them. But we’re already trying to figure out how we can get to JH Ranch this summer.

PRAYER FOCUS: Transformation
Even if you don’t get to have a JH Outback-like experience today, I pray that you and your family experience transformation!

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JH Outback Nashville Experience {The Daily Dash: October 21, 2019}

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