Notre Dame Fire {The Daily Dash: April 15, 2019}

by brenna

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My heart is breaking for Paris today…

Notre Dame Fire {The Daily Dash: April 15, 2019}


* Tiger Woods wins Masters
* Deadly & cold weather hits the East coast
* Notre Dame cathedral on fire in Paris
* Tax Day


The term ‘Holy Spirit’ is actually another name for the experience of eternal life working in human beings here & now ~ Oswald Chambers


I lived in Paris. I studied in Paris. I speak French. My middle name is even French. I truly love that city. So to see one of its iconic landmarks in flames truly breaks my heart.

I know Paris will rebuild and remain strong, but I can’t imagine the Paris skyline without the cathedral and its spires.

What makes me even more sad is that I haven’t brought my kids to see it yet. We’ve dreamed of bringing our kids to London and Paris, but wanted to wait. (We thought it was important for them to be old enough to remember and be able to walk the city all day). Now I’m regretting putting off the trip.

The Notre Dame fire is a reminder not to wait. There is rarely a “good time” to pursue your dreams. Sure, there are always factors to consider and obstacles to overcome (like work and finances), but never put off to tomorrow what you can pursue today.

And let’s not forget that taxes are due today! Check out my full list of Tax Day Freebies & Deals.

PRAYER FOCUS: Compassion
As our hearts go out to the people of Paris, may we look for ways to help our neighbors around the world.
is a virtue, and I pray it’s one you put into practice today.

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Notre Dame Fire {The Daily Dash: April 15, 2019}

Hope you have a great day, make sure you make it great and don’t forget to tell someone you love how you feel about them!

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