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Quick-Fix Parenting: Tommy Nelson Blog

Tommy-MommyIt’s official, my first “Tommy Mommy” post, “Quick Fix Parenting” on the Tommy Nelson blog is live today!

I think too many of us are looking to fix our kids (and fix them fast!) instead of looking introspectively to find answers to our parenting problems.

If you’re wondering how to encourage your children in the Lord, while growing yourself, I encourage you to read “Quick Fix Parenting” and check out all the other great resources at Tommy Nelson while you’re there.

Even if you don’t click over, consider this:

Do you expect more from your child’s relationship with Christ than you do from your own?


  1. Congrats on this new position!!! I loved the post!!! I loved your honesty & vulnerability in what you said. I’m 39 years old & I still remember my Mom getting up before anyone else to read her Bible. Now I do the exact same thing. What a legacy!

  2. Thanks Penny! I appreciate your encouraging words and then memory you shared of your own mom – I hope my children have the same memory of me 🙂