ReThinking Yoga: A Christ-Centered Approach

by Sami

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It may be one of the world’s oldest practices, but it still stirs up questions for so many of us. That’s why I’ve asked Keleah Anderson, owner of Abundant Yoga to help us re-think yoga with a Christ-centered approach.

ReThinking Yoga-Christ-centered experience

A Christ-centered Yoga Experience

What is Christ-centered yoga? What makes it different?

First and foremost, Keleah taught us about rethinking yoga with a Christ-centered experience. The Holy Spirit is the guide for everything done on (and off) the yoga mat. Instead of focusing on words like “hustle/heavy/hard”, replace them with more opportunity for healing and health.

We provide a complete experience of union with God our Creator through meditation that is still, movement that is gentle, and postures that are powerful.

Abundant Yoga

After all, God created everything and we are to do everything as if doing it unto the Lord, not man.

Keep it Simple

Worship equals connection. A Christ-centered yoga approach represents a yoking of both word and worship. At the core, it embodies living with raw authenticity and total surrender with a willingness to be uncomfortable when growth requires.

Have Fun!

We have to remember it’s important to have fun. After all, yoga is called a practice for a reason. We need to release the need to be perfect or the fear we’re not good enough.

My 3 Favorite Yoga Moves

Earlier in Episode 5 of The Sami Cone Show, I spoke about my healthy morning routine. A critical component of that is yoga and deep breathing. I specifically do 3 poses each day to help my back: mountain, warrior and tree.

You don’t have to set aside an hour each day (thought you may be pleasantly surprised by the physical and emotional benefits if you do). Instead, start with doing some of the simple, grounding poses Keleah demonstrated on-air. These are yoga poses women (or men) of any age can try.

balance yoga pose with keleah anderson of abundant yoga on the sami cone show episode 5

A Special Offer for Sami Cone Viewers

If you’re ready to rethink yoga for yourself and want to experience Abundant Yoga first hand, just tell them you saw them on The Sami Cone Show to try your first class for free.

If you’re already convinced that a Christ-centered yoga experience is for you, take advantage of their Newcomers Special: 40 days for $40. Considering some classes cost $25 individually, this is an INCREDIBLE value!

You can watch all the segments from Episode 5 of The Sami Cone Show here.

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