Rock Star & Music Man

by Sami

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We got to try out one of our friend’s church with them this morning since Ricky worked last night (so I could go to the Women’s Retreat at FBC during the day!) and we decided to have breakfast at Cracker Barrel (thanks to a gift card from the Irvines when we were in Florida!); it’s one of our kids’ favorites because they love breakfast SO much!

Of course trying to get into any restaurant at noon on a Sunday is difficult, and Cracker Barrel was no different. Because of the wait, the kids were able to look around in the store. In case you don’t read this often, I shoulod let you know, our kids love music…especially Britton. They quickly discovered a kazoo (which he’s been asking for), a slide whistle and a piano horn. Well, we couldn’t resist – daddy brought them all home in a bag!

The rest of the afternoon (after naps for all of us) was spent marching around the house to the “Music Man” soundtrack, taking turns with each of the instruments. Before we went upstairs, Kariss came running up to me with one last request:
 “Do you want to hear some Rock music? I’ll make it as rocky as I can.”
Who can say no to that???

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