Rubber Yuckies – Bath Toy germs

by Sami

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The other night my kids were using those little squirtie toys in the bath tub when this black gunk projectiled out of one of them and into the already murky bath water. (Insert sounds of small children screaming here).

Of course I freaked out, which then freaked them out, and there was a mad dash to get those cute, chubby little wet bodies out of the bath tub.

Turns out I wasn’t over-reacting (I may over-react on other things, but this concern was valid! Keep reading…)

The Today Show just aired a story on the germs contained on and in bath toys. Those cute little plastic duckies and fun sailing vessels we not only allow our kids to play with during bath-time, but more often watch them chew on, could actually be making them sick. Not only is the standing bath water filled with germs, but the water that gets trapped inside those toys with holes creates a sewer-like environment. EEEWWWW!

Watch The Today Show video and see for yourself. My advice and theirs:
1. Throw out ANYTHING that has that black junk coming out of it

2. Better yet, just throw away any bath toy with a hole that will allow water inside.

3. Start disinfecting your bath toys regularly as well as your tub.

4. Allow your toys to air dry AWAY from any water sources

5. Close your toilet lid before you flush. If it is anywhere near your bath tub/bath toys, germs from the toilet water can splash onto those things when flushed.

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