5 Non-Negotiables to Start Your Year Right

by Sami

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Don’t worry if you’ve already forgotten this year’s resolution because Calie Calabrese is sharing 5 non-negotiables to start your year right.

Coach Calie, a holistic health coach specializing in gut and hormone health, is here to help us finally be consistent with our goals.

5 Non-Negotiables to Start Your Year Right

As promised during our interview, Calie shared five key non-negotiables that anyone can feel successful with:

  1. Commit to 20 minutes of movement every day
  2. Put plants on your plate at every meal (you don’t have to follow any certain diet)
  3. Drink more water (try to drink half your body weight in ounces each day)
  4. SMILE!
  5. Practice Gratitude Daily

How to set non-negotiables for your daily routine vs. a big New Year’s resolution.

1. Choose something that realistically fits the time you can commit. You don’t need long, intense workouts to get results. You need to feel successful so choose something you can do without huge sacrifice or adjustments.

2. Choose something that fits your fitness level. If it’s too hard and you can’t finish or you’re too sore for the next day you’re more likely to give up. If it’s too easy you aren’t going to feel challenged or see results. And you’ll know you’re phoning it in. 

3. Don’t be afraid to modify while you gain strength and keep your mind focused on the muscle you’re working. Being mentally present will help you get even better results from the most basic workouts. 

4. Smile. Seriously. You have to choose to make it fun. Playlists and a smile can make a huge difference in your energy.

5. Make consistency your goal! If your main goal is to show up consistently 5 days a week you won’t get discouraged by the number on the scale or other changes. 

Your success is only determined by how many days you show up. And if you do that…you’ll be doing something amazing for your physical and mental health. The results you’ve been looking for will come when you become consistent. 

Time + consistency = success!

How to Become Consistent & See Results

These are some things that actually helped Calie become consistent and see results:

  • Setting small, daily, non-negotiables for herself (little things she knew she could successfully complete each day)
  • Starting immediately vs waiting for some magic date filled with tons of pressure
  • Celebrating the small wins every day in her gratitude journal and tracking things she could feel before things she could see like energy, sleep and mood
  • Focusing on consistency rather than the big long-term goal
  • Deciding she was creating a lifestyle and these were forever commitments she was excited to live out instead of focusing on depreciation and extreme “solutions”
  • Understanding that nothing in life goes perfectly. There are always obstacles and setbacks. They’re the reason to keep showing up, not the reason to quit.
  • Believing I can’t fail if I don’t quit. There is no set timeline for success. Focus on creating consistency instead of results. When we become consistent, the results shart showing up…slowly at first then more and more over time.

Foods to Try this January

If you’re looking to start eating healthier this month, here are the foods she recommends trying this January:

4 Tips for a Healthy Holiday

Calie also offers this help for holidays:

  • Don’t skip meals before
  • Stay hydrated
  • Move your body
  • Try 5-10 min meditation if you’re’ too busy to workout (or at least some grounding breaths)

Calie is also the author of “The Plant-Based Cookbook…Well Kind Of“. Our interview originally aired as part of the January 2022 episode of The Sami Cone Show.

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