Second UNC Chapel Hill Gun Incident {Daily Dash: September 13, 2023}

by Sami

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For the second time in under 3 weeks, gun violence happened on the campus of UNC Chapel Hill…

Second UNC Chapel Hill Gun Incident {Daily Dash: September 13, 2023}


I was talking to Kariss this afternoon while she was eating lunch in the dining hall at UNC when she began receiving texts from friends saying they were hiding in the basement of the library. Shortly after that, we both received notifications from UNC that there was an “Armed & Dangerous person on campus”.

The campus went on lockdown and she was forced to shelter in place for almost two hours. Thankfully, no shots were fired and the all-clear was given around 2 PM.

If you recall, a shooting happened on campus less than three weeks ago. I don’t know what ‘normal’ will look like now, but it’s hard to imagine going back to ‘it’ now.

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  • The FDA believes phenylephrine (found in many OTC allergy medicines) is ineffective
  • Severe flooding in Libya after 2 dams collapsed
  • Apple unveiled iPhone 15
  • Aaron Rodgers will miss the rest of the NFL season
  • National Peanut Day & International Chocolate Day


The lives that are the greatest blessing are the lives of those who themselves are unaware of being a blessing ~ Oswald Chambers


I can’t imagine feeling so hopeless that you feel your only available option is to hurt someone else. I pray for hope, not just for those people, but for all of us finding ourselves in unexpected circumstances today.

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Second UNC Chapel Hill Gun Incident {Daily Dash: September 13, 2023}

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