SIX the Musical Nashville Review {Daily Dash: February 22, 2023}

by Sami

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My quick review is to hurry and get tickets to SIX the Musical in Nashville at TPAC this week…

SIX the Musical Nashville Review {Daily Dash: February 22, 2023}


  • Winter storms threaten a quarter of the US
  • President Biden rallies support for Ukraine
  • Michigan State played first home basketball game after school shooting
  • Ash Wednesday & National Margarita Day


TPAC invited me to attend opening night of Six the Musical in Nashville last night, and it was a PARTY!

Having never seen the musical before, I was excited for the debut tour stop in Nashville. Not only that, but many of the performers are celebrating their touring company debut on this SIX tour. But don’t let that discourage you, the all-female cast is INCREDIBLE and commands that stage.

Speaking of the stage, the set never changes and highlights the four-member band (also all women on our leg). This allows for the individual performers and their songs to shine, and shine they do.

It had the energy of Mamma Mia with the poignancy of Hamilton. People will talk about this show, from how it highlights history to the fabulous characters and costumes.

I share a full 15-minute video review on YouTube, but the short version is this:

It is worth your time and money. Get your ticket while you can and go have fun! After all, it’s only 90 minutes long with no intermission, so buckle up and get ready to clap, cheer and dance along with the six ex-wives of Henry VIII.


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