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by Sami

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On my February episode of The Sami Cone Show, I interviewed Diana Sumpter. In addition to being the author of Step Out of the Box, Diana is an International Motivational Speaker, National Sales Director and Air Force Veteran. Suffice it to say, she is a powerhouse who loves leading women to their dream life.

Diana taught us on-air how to erase and replace self-limiting messages. (You can watch the video of Diana’s interview below). If Diana motivated you as much as she motivates me every day, I know you’ll want to hear more from her. That’s why I’m grateful to share this guest blog from Diana:

Start Your Dream Life List

Is your life boxed in with chaos, confusion, and conflict? If so, maybe it is time to look in the mirror and evaluate your part in this crazy life you are living. Evaluate whether your frustration is really coming from the people around you or if it is a consequence of you living somebody else’s idea of your dream life.

Start looking at people through the eyes of compassion and find some common ground. Enough of focusing on the problem, let’s focus on some solutions. It is time to start your Dream Life List.

Blueprint of Your Dream Life

Ask yourself these 4 questions to begin to build the blueprint of your dream life.

  1. What brings you joy?
  2. What are your gifts and talents?
  3. When have you felt the most successful?
  4. If you were guaranteed not to fail, what would your dream life look like in 5 years? 10 years? 25 years?

The First Step in Your Dream Life

The first step in deciding on what your dream life would look like is to begin ripping off your PITIFUL labels and replacing them with POWER labels. Then you can be brave enough to step out of the box that others created. It is at this point you will start to uncover what makes you tick, what makes your soul sing, what makes your heart race and you will know you are on the right path to your dream life.

Once you combine what you are naturally good at and mix in what you are passionate about, great things are going to happen!!!!! Then you can go to work to create it on a day by day basis, small choice by small choice. Your dream life will not happen overnight or by a quantum leap, but it will happen.

 Most people don’t take the time or energy to determine what is important to them so they spend their entire lives just complaining about their life. The life they are living was created by daily choices, fear and Pitiful labels that other people put on them. They are victims of life, but not YOU, my friend, you are a VICTOR. In order to experience victory, you have to not just know the starting point of your race but you need to know what lane you will run in and what the finish line looks like.

diana sumpter laughing the sami cone show

Grab You Combat Boots

It is time to get serious about your thinking, grab your COMBAT BOOTS, It is time to go into a daily battle for your thoughts because we know that our lives will reflect our most dominant thought. Together we are going to tip the scale and choose to focus on what we want more of, instead choosing to focus on the negative things happening in our life.

Think about your life as a scale. Where you turn your head and put most of your energy and thought, your body will follow and you will attract more of that result to yourself. This can be good or bad depending on what you are focused on.

Focusing on negative perfectionist thoughts or thoughts of perceived setbacks will impact your words. Your words will impact your energy and your energy impacts your attraction factor. Good positive energy will draw good, energetic people and possibilities your way.

If you don’t believe me, for just 1 day force yourself to only speak out loud positive uplifting things about the people and situations in your life. You will feel the difference in your energy and you will see a different response from others right away.

Who is Sucking Life Out of You?

Now can you imagine a week of this type of change? How about a lifetime of choosing to focus on the positive? How many “hoover vacuum people” do you have in your life? You know the ones who suck out any good energy out of the room? Those people are weighing down the wrong side of the scale.

Make a list of people who you need to limit your time with; let’s avoid them at all costs! Don’t even let the door hit you as you run out of the house, when they come around to complain!! Whew!! Controlling who is pouring into your dreams, your hopes and possibilities put more weight on the positive side of your scale. Now that is freedom! Can you feel yourself inching out of that box?

Learn more about Diana at Check out all the segments on Episode 6 of The Sami Cone Show.

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