7 Bible Stories to Prepare Kids for a Successful School Year

by Sami

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Just like you cannot send your kids to church for an hour a week and expect them to know all there is to know about Jesus, I’d dare say you cannot expect your kids to have a successful school year without preparing them with lessons from foundational Bible stories.

successful school year bible stories

What Bible stories can we share with our kids to prepare them for a successful school year?

Starting a new school years brings up a lot of emotions for parents and children alike: excitement, anticipation, nervousness, and yes, possibly even a little fear and anxiety.

And yet God reminds us in Philippians 4:6 (NLT), “Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done.”

This got me thinking: if one verse could speak so powerfully to me, what other Bible stories could I dig deeper into to draw out themes that would help my kids specifically for the school year ahead of them?

All of the Bible stories and characters below are likely familiar to you, but perhaps you’ve never previously considered their circumstances particularly applicable to your school-age child.

I’ve excerpted seven stories – one for each day of the week – for you to pray over and share with your children in hopes that the messages with strengthen their faith and help them walk into each school day with more confidence.

7 Bible Stories to Prepare Kids for a Successful School Year

1. Esther

Theme: Be Persistent & Patient
Message: We don’t always feel recognized or acknowledged when in school amongst our peers, but when we are persistent on the right path, our time will come.

2. Joseph

Theme: Love & Respect
Message: No matter who you run into or what obstacles you come up against, always be your authentic self and allow God to be the judge.

3. Moses & Aaron

Theme: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone
Message: Moses questioned God when he was assigned to speak to the Israelites but remember, what God calls you to, He will equip you for!

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Regardless of whether you’ve already started school, have yet to begin or are in the middle of homeschooling your children, sharing these Bible stories and their messages will undoubtedly prepare your kids for a strong school year.

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