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Sweet Ceces Franklin Photo Shoot

We love Sweet Ceces.
We love pictures.
So what better way to spend a Saturday morning than at Five Points Franklin Sweet Ceces doing a photo shoot?

Ok, so we had to get up at 5:30am. And it was snowing. And Ricky had to be at work at 9am. But other than that, it was ideal!

Seriously, Sweet Ceces put out a Facebook request last week looking for families to include in their new marketing shots. So I managed to overcome my shy nature and send them a few pics.

I had actually forgotten about it until I got an email a few days ago saying they wanted the entire Cone Family to join in the Sweet Ceces fun! Who was I to say no?

We were just one of many families included in the shoot and I believe they’re being used for their new website, so I’ll be sure to share the love when it goes live. In the meantime, check out my amateur behind the scenes shots…

Kariss was in heaven getting her hair & makeup done
Britton insisted on weighing his Sweet Ceces....
Ready for her close up!
Even the stars have to wait sometimes...

Can’t wait to be able to show you guys the real pictures!!!


  1. It’s so fun that you all did this. I saw the “casting call,” but unlike you, I was too shy to respond. Kariss’ outfit is adorable. I’m looking forward to seeing the final product. (p.s. I still want to get together at Sweet CeCe’s sometime, though we need a little break from frozen yogurt after a taste test we did.)

  2. Yes – we do need to do that! Maybe next week?