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Monday’s Meal Plan: February 7

monday-meal-planIt’sĀ  Monday’s Meal Plan for February 7th!

Yes, I know, I’ve neglected you for awhile. Well you see…first we were out of town for the funeral. Then we had all this snow in Nashville, so I just started making stuff up from what we had in our pantry so I didn’t have to leave the house. (I did make some pretty bang-up homemade potato chips, if I do say so myself!)

My cast iron skillet potato chips

Then I was at Blissdom and before you knew it, we were in February already!

(For those of you who think I have everything planned out, perfect and scheduled, I hope I didn’t just completely ruin your false image of me šŸ˜‰ )

Remember, you can always just use what you see below as inspiration if you’re not thrilled with our offerings or you can check out my meal plan archives. Another great resource is my video series on cleaning out the pantry for a healthier you! Don’t forget to look for everyday ways to save at Whole Foods when you want to eat better for less šŸ™‚

MondayCerealSalami & Cheese sandwichChick-fil-A Spirit Night for Grace Christian Academy!
TuesdayOatmealEgg salad with crackersTaco Night
WednesdayCerealQuesadillasBroccoli & Cheese Soup with homemade rolls
ThursdayOatmealPB&J, string cheeseAngel Hair Pasta with broccolini & goat cheese, garlic bread
FridayCerealPizzaCobb Chopped Salad
SaturdayCrepesSub SandwichesScrambled Hamburgers, oven fries & fridge pickes
SundayEgg SandwichleftoversBBQ Baked Potatoes

I’m considering doing even more freezer cooking so I have back ups on hand in case of crazy snow, unexpected guests and the like. Anyone have some great recipes for making in advance and freezing?


  1. Oh, I so need to do this.

  2. Or you can just steal mine šŸ˜‰ Can’t say we stick to it 100% of the time, but it’s really helpful to have an idea of what you’re doing for the week planned out!