The Bachelor & the Bible {The Daily Dash: March 10, 2020}

by brenna

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I don’t want this to turn into a discussion of whether or not to watch the popular show tonight, but rather how last night’s episode opened up a deep theological and practical discussion between me and my teen daughter…

The Bachelor & the Bible {The Daily Dash: March 10, 2020}


* 7 cases of COVID-19 now confirmed in TN; US cases top 700
* Ivy League cancels upcoming basketball tournaments while other school dorms close due to Coronavirus
* Finale of The Bachelor airs tonight after Madison sticks to her values on night 1
* National Pack Your Lunch Day


If you don’t deal with God on the level of your will first, the result will be only to arouse sympathy for yourself ~ Oswald Chambers


Hang with me on this; it’s worth sharing.

Last night I sat in my kitchen watching part 1 of The Bachelor Finale on my computer while my daughter did homework on the other side of the island. I had my AirPods in so as not to distract her. But once Peter’s mom started going off on Madison, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

My daughter asked what was going on, so I went back to where Peter started talking to Madison before meeting his parents, asking if they could “meet halfway” (aka compromise her values). As different members of Peter’s family spoke to him, let it suffice to say it became obvious that he enjoys a lifestyle filled with nightlife and physical relationships with women (per his brother).

But what really got me was when ‘Barb’ told Madison she shouldn’t change Peter or his way of life. I’m not sure when we started counting personal values and morals as judgment against someone else’s way of life.

Peter acknowledged how different he and Hannah were, yet he seemed desperate to be with her.

All this reminded me of the Old Testament story about Amnon & Tamar from 2 Samuel 13. It starts out with “Amnon became so obsessed with his sister Tamar that he made himself ill”, which lead him to trick her and rape her. As soon as he finished, verse 15 recounts, “Then Amnon hated her with intense hatred. In fact, he hated her more than he had loved her.”

Now I’m not accusing Peter of being Amnon, but last night was the perfect illustration of how we can become so obsessed with something that it clouds our judgment. Likewise, it also reminded me the importance of surrounding yourself with friends, family and advisors you trust to help point you to truth when your vision and emotions are clouded.

While I normally don’t recommend watching this franchise with your children, last night provided a unique opportunity for me to relate reality TV to God’s word and help apply it to my daughter’s life.

I pray each of you are steadfast in your pursuit of truth and love.

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The Bachelor & the Bible {The Daily Dash: March 10, 2020}

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