The Brave Art of Motherhood Review {The Daily Dash: December 11, 2018}

by brenna

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You won’t believe what I found in my husband’s truck, plus The Brave Art of Motherhood Review…

The Brave Art of Motherhood Review {The Daily Dash: December 11, 2018} 

* President still looking for new COS
* “The Guardians” named Time’s Person of the Year: journalists who took great risks to pursue greater truth
* Dwayne Wade & LeBron James Likely played each other for the last time in their careers last night.
* International Mountain Day

Has God changed the things that really matter to you? ~ Oswald Chambers

First, you have to watch the video to see how my creative husband fixed the fabric that was hanging down on the roof of his truck – it’s brilliant!

You also know I love sharing new books and music when they come out on Tuesdays. While The Brave Art of Motherhood has been out for just over a month, I thought this was the perfect time to share the story with you.

So many people this time of year feel shame when their lives (or Instagram feeds) don’t look exactly how they’d hope (or how they think it should). This book is an antidote for that.

I’ve known Rachel for years (we’ve both been blogging for quite a long time). For the past 7 years, she admits she’s been struggling to live a private struggle in a public way. The Brave Art of Motherhood is more than a memoir; it’s a guidebook helping (not just) women everywhere live their own personal truth and be brave in the midst of circumstances no-one would wish upon themselves.

As of the writing of this, The Brave Art of Motherhood paperback was on sale for just over $10 on Amazon. You can grab a copy for you and a copy for a friend here:

May we all lean in and listen a little closer to those who might need just a little bit more of our time this season.

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The Brave Art of Motherhood Review {The Daily Dash: December 11, 2018}

Hope you make it a great day!

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