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The Cone Family hits the road!

cone-road-trip-bannerThat’s right – the Cone Family is hitting the road for a long overdue vacation!

Sure we’ve done a few road trips over the past few years, but the four of us are actually stepping foot on a plane! Look out Southwest, here we come!

We’ll be celebrating Mother’s Day with the grandmas at Disney World doing some research so I can update you with the best Disney Deals! Yes, this is purely work for me, no fun involved…

(ok, maybe a little fun)

While we’re gone, I’ll be doing my best to bring you some fun photos, videos and even a few deals. Here are just a few things to keep in mind while we’re gone:

*While you won’t see our Cone Meal Plan on Monday, you can always check the Meal Plan Archives for ideas

*Planning a trip to Disney? Don’t think you can afford it? Check out my comprehensive section on Disney Deals & Reviews

*We’ll be going to Medieval Times for the first time on Tuesday. If you live by one of these fabulous castles, MOMS can go for FREE on Mother’s Day!

See ya on the road!