The Daily Dash: April 16, 2018 {#FamilyLifeWTR Recap}

by brenna

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It truly was a weekend to remember…

The Daily Dash: April 16, 2018 {#FamilyLifeWTR Recap} @FamilyLifeToday #BostonMarathon #BostonStrong

* 200 million eggs recalled
* James Comey said President Trump is “morally unfit to be President.
* 122nd running of Boston Marathon, 5 years after bombing
* Reba hosted the ACM Awards in Las Vegas; Carrie Underwood made first public appearance since November accident that required 40 stitches on her face
* Allegiant air’s aircraft safety in question after 160 mechanical issues
* 92 year old former First Lady Barbara Bush reported in “failing health” & will not seek additional medical treatment

You should always recognize the difference between what you see Jesus to be and what He has done for you ~ Oswald Chambers

The past three days we spent at FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember were quite remarkable. Not only did we get focused time away together as a couple to dig into our marriage, we also spent time laughing and learning with friends, as well as watching the Holy Spiring move in powerful ways.

We attended our first WTR 15 years ago and this is the first time since that we’ve participated instead of volunteering…and I cannot recommend it highly enough. We created space to have discussions and ask hard questions we simply haven’t had the time or space for in our lives. And if I can make one more recommendation: even if you decide to attend in your hometown, try to stay at the host hotel (or a nearby hotel). Not only did we save time and energy by not having to drive back and forth, it allowed us to stay completely focused and fully immersed.

Without revealing anyone else’s stories, there were two marriages we were able to speak into that saw remarkable healing. The first of which we almost had to involve local authorities because of safety concerns (not to mention threats of divorce), and by the final day, one of the pair was sharing what they learned publicly on the microphone in front of the entire audience!

The second was a couple who I noticed was sitting while the rest of us stood to renew our vows on the final day. I felt let to go kneel by them after the final session; I cried, shared a bit of our story and prayed over them. After that, they decided to renew their vows too!

It’s not to say that I/we caused these changes to take place, but I can say I was obedient to the nudgings of the Holy Spirit, even though I didn’t know why I felt the way I did, what I would say when I obeyed or how my actions would be received. I encouraged the couple to put feet before their faith, and not wait until they “felt” like it. I will pray the same thing over each of you: that you won’t wait until the “perfect” time to act, but instead, move forward in obedience to how the Lord is leading you.

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I was reading through “My Utmost for His Highest”(affiliate link) this morning, as I always do, and was encouraged by the reminder that are “mountaintop experiences” exist as moments of insight for us to live up to, even when we don’t feel like it. We aren’t guaranteed to go through a life with no valleys, but when troubles come, we need to cling to those mountaintop insights and march forward in faith. I pray today that God and His Holy Spirit grant you new insights for you to cling to, not just today, but moving forward.

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The Daily Dash: April 16, 2018 {#FamilyLifeWTR Recap} @FamilyLifeToday #BostonMarathon #BostonStrong

Hope you make it a great day!

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