The Daily Dash: April 27, 2018 {#Avengers #InfinityWar} #InfinityWarEvent

by brenna

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Home at last…

The Daily Dash: April 27, 2018 {#Avengers #InfinityWar} #InfinityWarEvent

* North & South Korea agree to end war & pledge denuclearization
* Bill Cosby convicted
* Tom Brokaw accused of sexual misconduct
* New prince finally named: Louis Arthur Charles
* Baker Mayfield #1 draft pick by Cleveland

Be ready for the sudden, surprise visits of God ~ Oswald Chambers

I’m finally home! After a week on the road at three different events in three different locations, it’s good to be out of the car and back with my family. Well it has not been a restful week, there has been a lot of learning, working and growing. I did a little reflecting about my time away on Instagram late last night. If you want more details you can find it here:

I did promise I would give you an update on Dolly Parton stampede that I went to last night with my fellow Dollywood insiders: the show has not changed all that much from previous years and if I’m being totally honest, I prefer Dolly Parton’s Smoky Mountain Adventure. (I literally love that show!) but the one thing that never fails me and that I love about both shows is the food. It will never cease to amaze me how they create food the taste so good and that is served piping hot to that many people all at once. Usually the food at such events is second rate, but not at Dolly’s place 😉

I bet you can already guess where we are going tonight: to see the opening of Avengers: Infinity War. I skipped the premier earlier this week so that I could see it with my family and I literally cannot wait. I promise I won’t give any spoilers afterwards, but I will definitely let you know let me think and whether it’s good for families or not. Have a great weekend!

Driving through the mountains has definitely taught me patience this past week and I pray the same over you this weekend!

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The Daily Dash: April 27, 2018 {#Avengers #InfinityWar} #InfinityWarEvent

Hope you make it a great day!

Disclosure: I’m part of the Dollywood Insiders program which provides season passes for me and my family to enjoy the Dollywood theme park and share my experiences with you!

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