The Daily Dash: April 30, 2018 {How to Find Lost Money & #InfinityWar Reaction}

by brenna

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I’m on TV helping you find lost money today…

The Daily Dash: April 30, 2018 {How to Find Lost Money & #InfinityWar Reaction}

* Preds tie up series with Jets in double overtime
* Sprint & T-Mobile announce plans for $28 billion merger
* 1-handed linebacker gets drafted by Seahawks; joins his twin brother on the team
* Avengers: Infinity War breaks opening-weekend box office records

The mystery of God is not in what is going to be – it is now ~ Oswald Chambers

It was a beautiful weekend here I Nashville, so we tried to take advantage of it and enjoy some time outside as a family. Sunday, my son graduated from his sixth grade “Knights” class at church; not only was he surrounded by friends and family during the ceremony, but we had a small cookout at our house afterwards to celebrate (again, 60 degree weather with no humidity + yummy food equalled perfection!).

This morning it’s back to work and I was back on Talk of the Town helping everyone discover the (legitimate) way to find lost money and unclaimed property. All the details are here:

And yes, we did see Avengers: Infinity War on Friday night and no, it was not my favorite. In fact, I kind of walked out of the theater hating it. My teenage daughter felt the same way at first, but then after seeing it again with a friend, decided she loved it and called it
“A means to an end”. What I will tell you is that it was very intense and 2 of the 4 of us left with a bit of a headache because the movie never let up. (You ‘feelers’ out there will get what I mean). It wasn’t necessarily more gruesome than any of the other movies, but less humor and not as many relationship-building scenes.

PRAYER FOCUS: Contentment
As you begin your work week, I pray you focus on what you have, rather than what you don’t and where you are rather than where you’re going.

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The Daily Dash: April 30, 2018 {How to Find Lost Money & #InfinityWar Reaction}

Hope you make it a great day!

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