The Daily Dash: August 1, 2018 {Family Dinner at #Cheddars}

by brenna

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It’s a new month and I’m reviewing a popular restaurant chain today…

The Daily Dash: August 1, 2018 {Family Dinner at #Cheddars}

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We must learn to keep our mouths shut & our spirits alert ~ Oswald Chambers

Today is another busy day, between work, meetings, kids’ sports, volunteering and youth group. Yesterday was no different, but we were able to do something special last night: we met up for a family dinner at Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen.

Originally, when Cheddar’s offered to host my family for dinner, we planned to make it a dual celebration of my and my daughter’s birthdays, but my son got sick. It should come as no surprise that it took us another two weeks to find a free night for all of us! Even last night, the four of us came in two cars and met up from our respective events with an hour and a half set aside before our next commitment.

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is just as warm and welcoming as it sounds, with a casual atmosphere and friendly staff. We did chuckle when we asked our server about vegetarian options for my daughter and he first suggested a gluten-free menu, then their “lighter fare” choices, all of which contained meat or fish. (She ended up going with the veggie plate which consists of soup or salad and then 4 side items of her choice).

My husband and my son both opted for steaks (rib eye and sirloin respectively), the former of which was very overcooked. When we were asked how everything was, we brought it to our server’s attention, who promptly sent a manager over to fix it. When the new steak came back, it was “night and day” (in the words of my husband)…we later found out someone had been training on the steak station that night. I ate the BBQ ribs and chicken which were fine, but nothing to write home about. They did run out of baked potatoes (we were eating at 5:30), so my husband got one, but my daughter didn’t; they also forgot to bring out my baked sweet potato.

Why do I bring all this up?

Because anywhere you go will make mistakes (we’re all human, after all), it’s how establishments respond to the situation that matters. I can tell you everyone was very attentive and happy to make things right. (In case you were wondering, I opted to skip the sweet potato and move on to a monster skillet cookie ?

So what does Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen do best? For us, it was their appetizers: they were hot, fresh, delicious and at very fair prices. For example, their loaded cheese fries were HUGE and much less expensive than one of their competitor’s whose we love.

I will say this for the next time we go: they seem to have a few things that they specialize in: for example, my husband loves their Chicken Pot Pie and a good friend ALWAYS gets their Gigi’s Baked Spasagna. (And don’t even get me started on how good their warm, honey-glazed croissants are!). They’ve proven they do a few things well (at least in our experience) and I think we’ll stay in that lane.

I want to thank Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen for hosting my family for dinner last night and I hope you’ll give their hospitality a chance near you soon!

Since I’m doing a review today, I’ll pray the practice of being tactful over each of us today, which is essentially the skill of doing/saying exactly what is required of us.

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The Daily Dash: August 1, 2018 {Family Dinner at #Cheddars} @cheddarskitchen

Hope you make it a great day!

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