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The Daily Dash: February 27, 2018 {Teaching & Mentoring}

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It’s time to pass on what I know…

The Daily Dash: February 27, 2018 {Teaching & Mentoring}

* West Virginia teachers on strike for 4th day
* President Trump says Parkland deputy is a coward & he would have rushed in
* National Pancake Day
* The Voice premiered, Big Brother ended, & someone tried to steal Arie’s girl on the Bachelor

Many of us refuse to grow where God plants us. Therefore, we dont take root anywhere – Oswald Chambers

I started this morning teaching my Intro to Comm class and listening to speeches. By tonight, I’ll be sitting in a small group as a mentee, being poured into by women a generation above me. It’s such a beautiful picture of what I believe God calls us to in every day of our lives. My spiritual mama always told me that God gives us something to pour out to others, and that’s exactly what today represents for me!

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The Daily Dash: February 27, 2018 {Teaching & Mentoring}

Hope you make it a great day!