The Daily Dash: January 28 2015 {I’m back}

by brenna

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In today’s Daily Dash video, January 28 2015, I’m back and ready to catch you up on everything from the past two days…

The Daily Dash: January 28 2015 {I’m back}

* Blizzard of 2015 aftermath being evaluated
* 16 passenger planes targets of Twitter threats this week
* Patriots locker room attendant under investigation for spending 90 seconds alone in bathroom with footballs #DeflateGate
* Vanderbilt rape convictions make national news

* LOVING: All I learned from my students’ informative speeches yesterday, including some great places to travel and why I don’t think I’ll ever eat at Subway again…

* LEARNING: “As servants of God, we must learn to make room for him” -Oswald Chambers

* DOING: Spent yesterday back in the classroom all day evaluating my students’ informative speeches and yesterday evening in the recording studio for Family Money Minute. Today, I have a TON of writing today and some big news coming up I can’t wait to tell you about…

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The Daily Dash January 28 2015 {I’m back}

You’ll also want to listen to my Family Money Minute radio posts to get any of the savings goodness you may have missed!

Hope you make it a great day!

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