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The Daily Dash: July 24 2015 {Live on TV #BirthdayFreebies @NC5_TalkTown}

In today’s Daily Dash video, July 24 2015, I’m live on Talk of the Town today sharing some freebies EVERYONE can take advantage of…The Daily Dash: July 24 2015 {Live on TV #BirthdayFreebies @NC5_TalkTown}

* Gunman opens fire in Louisiana theater
* US to use Turkey’s air bases
* 20% more wildfires than last year out West

* Kariss’ American Girl party yesterday was a HUGE hit. Not only was it carried out with excellence, but they took care of EVERYTHING with immense attention to every detail. I would highly recommend their private party packages for any girl wanting to feel special on her birthday.

* This morning, I’ll be on Live TV at 11am CST (NewsChannel5 here in Nashville) sharing all the birthday freebies we’ve been able to take advantage of over the past week between me and my daughter.

* I’m also going on my first audition in a LONG time. It’s not something I do very often anymore, however, this role fits me to a T (a 40-50 year old Christian mother) and since I’m now in the 40 club, I thought I’d give it a shot!

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The Daily Dash: July 24, 2015 {Live on TV #BirthdayFreebies @NC5_TalkTown}

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