The Daily Dash: June 11, 2018 {#Incredibles2 Review}

by brenna

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I’m doing something out of my comfort zone tonight…

The Daily Dash: June 11, 2018 {#Incredibles2 Review}

* President Trump and Kim Jong Un in Singapore for summit
* Meghan Markle made Buckingham Palace balcony debut
* Nadal won record 11th French Open
* Justify won the Belmont & The Triple Crown
* The Band’s Visit won 10 Tony Awards, but the Drama Club from Parkland stole the show when they sang

Keep your soul properly conditioned to manifest the life of the Son of God ~ Oswald Chambers

After both kids participated in Nashville Work Camp last week, they’re both off to another week of camp, this week with their church’s youth group. In an interesting twist of events, I was asked to speak at camp tonight; while youth events are not my forte, I agreed. This means we’ll be driving two hours tonight, speaking, spending the night and then turning right around to come home early tomorrow morning before work. Please pray for clarity and safety.

I can finally reveal that I got to see a preview of The Incredibles 2 last week and can finally share about it. I know what you’re all thinking: was it as good as the original? Not in my opinion, but it was good. My kids (teen & tween) really liked it and it started strong, but it didn’t pack the same punch (pun intended) throughout as the original.

I will say, Jack Jack steals the show…as does Edna Mode (though her screen time is nowhere near what the baby gets, but their interaction is priceless). It wasn’t my favorite Pixar film of all-time, but it’s definitely a crowd pleaser that will entertain the entire family.

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I pray that you are bold, living your best life despite facing intimidating or daunting circumstances.

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The Daily Dash: June 11, 2018 {#Incredibles2 Review}

Hope you make it a great day!

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