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The Daily Dash: June 15, 2017 {Mid-month Check Up}

We’re halfway through June, are you ready…

The Daily Dash: June 15, 2017 {Mid-month Check Up}

* 66 year old IL man killed after targeting Republicans at a baseball practice
* President Trump under investigation for obstruction of justice
* Over a dozen dead in a huge London apartment complex
* American student released from North Korea returns to US in coma after 17 months in prison

God does not keep His child immune from trouble; He promises to be with us in the trouble ~ Oswald Chambers

It’s mid month, which means it’s a great time to catalog pictures in your phone, and your receipts for taxes, do some cleaning up of piles you’ve had around the house since the beginning of the month, and things like that.

I’ve actually decided to go to BlogHer next week, so it’s time for me to finish some lingering projects both in my house and on the blog today.

I’m making time to see a good friend this morning and then it’s off to work for me!

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The Daily Dash: June 15, 2017 {Mid-month Check Up}

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Hope you make it a great day!