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The Daily Dash: June 21, 2018 {First Day of Summer}

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I got a lesson in parenting yesterday…

The Daily Dash: June 21, 2018 {First Day of Summer}

* President signs executive order to allow newly detained families at the border to stay together
* Flash flooding in PA
* Unarrmed 17yo Black teen shot in East Pittsburgh
* Canada becomes only 2nd nation in the world to legalize marijuana
* New Zealand prime minister becomes first to give birth while in office

The good is always the enemy of the best ~ Oswald Chambers

Yesterday I received emails from a hair salon where I had a gift certificate (that I’ve been holding onto for over a year, but that’s a different story) that their female cuts were not only discounted to $35, but that all hair services were an additional 20% off for that day only. Seeing the perfect savings superstorm (coupon, sale & additional discount), I grabbed my daughter – who had just been asking for a haircut – and headed out.

In the car afterwards, she commented how that was the nicest haircut experience she’s had, but then it quickly turned sour when she realized all the deals I employed to make it happen. The suggestions was that the experience was somehow lessened because I didn’t pay a lot of money for it. (I’m paraphrasing). It then turned into a bigger discussion of how we NEVER get to do anything “Just because”, but that we always have to wait for a coupon, sale, or deal.

I was quick to tell her that’s how we get to do all the things we do and travel to all the places we go because I’m ALWAYS looking/waiting for a deal and it’s called planning and money management.

She didn’t like that.

The conversation then turned to a birthday party my son was attending (listen to the video for more), but all in all, I’m wrestling with how to cultivate an attitude of appreciation instead of expectation in my children…especially without employing shame or guilt. I don’t have an answer, besides prayer, but would appreciate any suggestions or prayers you’d like to send my way.

PRAYER FOCUS: Appreciation
In light of what I shared above, this prayer focus should make sense 🙂

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The Daily Dash: June 21, 2018 {First Day of Summer}

Hope you make it a great day!