Plumb Beautifully Broken Album Release First of Its Kind

by Sami

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The new Plumb Beautifully Broken album release is finally here…and it’s making a lot of firsts.

Plumb Beautifully Broken Release Date

Plumb, aka my sweet friend Tiffany Lee, made the announcement herself that her new Beautifully Broken album dropped on iTunes on June 21, 2018 (via Instagram while in an Uber in LA with my husband in tow – she was out there filming a music video with Paul Van Dyk).

Plumb Beautifully Broken Firsts

So what makes Plumb’s Beautifully Broken so special? It is an album of firsts:

  • First album on her own label
  • Much of it was written and recorded at her own studio.
  • The first to partner with Centricity Music
  • Her first time working with producer and friend, Jeremy Redmon (you know him from Big Daddy Weave)
  • The first time she admits to being this vulnerable and facing brokenness eye to eye

For Plumb fans everywhere, this new album is a long-awaited release. Known for her haunting voice and hard-hitting lyrics, this Beautifully Broken does not disappoint.

Beautifully Broken Tracks

These are the tracks on Plumb’s new Beautifully Broken album:

  1. Beautifully Broken
  2. Impossible
  3. Crazy About You
  4. I Can Do This
  5. Somebody Loves You
  6. God Help Me
  7. I’m Not Alone
  8. Human
  9. Fight for You
  10. Acrobat

(Did you notice track number four, “I CAN Do This”, in contrast to her hit “I Can’t Do This”? There is so much goodness on this album. I’m partial to “Fight for You”.)

Plumb Beautifully Broken Single Lyric Video

As beautiful as you’ll find the music of Plumb’s new song “Beautifully Broken”, being able to listen to the melody while reading the lyrics is powerful beyond words. Watch the official Plumb Beautifully Broken lyric video on YouTube here:

Beautifully Broken Movie

Many of you have been wondering, “is Plumb part of the upcoming film by the same name?” The answer is YES! The Beautifully Broken movie will release nationwide in 600 theaters on August 24, 2018. According to, the film is about a refugee’s escape, a prisoner’s promise, and a daughter’s painful secret that converge in what is a true story of hope.

Where to Buy the Beautifully Broken Album/CD

You can buy Beautifully Broken wherever music is sold, including automatic download on iTunes. If you’re looking to buy an actual Beautifully Broken CD, you can do so at your favorite online retailers like Amazon or (affiliate link).

Sure, Tiffany is a friend, but I sincerely believe she’s one of the most talented singer/songwriters I know. Her lyrics transcend genres and she lives them out in real life.

Please consider purchasing/downloading Beautifully Broken today and helping spread the word amongst all your family and friends. If you decide to share the news on your social media pages, make sure to tag her @PlumbMusic.

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