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The Daily Dash: March 15; 2018 {#Dollywood Season Opening Tomorrow} #DollywoodInsiders #Dollywood2018

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Guess what we get to see first tomorrow…
The Daily Dash: March 15; 2018 {#Dollywood Season Opening Tomorrow} #DollywoodInsiders #Dollywood2018

* Trump caught on tape admitting to making up facts
* Twin astronaut discovers 7% of his genes had been altered through the unfamiliar environment in space
* Puppy dies on United flight and outrage has ensued
* Toys R Us to close all its stores nationwide

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You know the Cone family can’t stay in one place for too long! We’re back on the road again today; this time we’re in the car headed east to one of our family’s favorite spots: Dollywood. In case you didn’t know, Dollywood closes after New Year’s each year for a couple months to “refresh” and add new attractions and then re-opens mid-March. So the 2018 Dollywood season will kick off on Friday, March 16, 2018 (at 9am for season ticket holders and 10am for the general public).

If you’re thinking of going to Dollywood for the opening tomorrow – or at any time this season – I’m sharing everything you need to know on my blog today, along with a preview of what you can expect that’s new this year: https://www.samicone.com/dollywood-2018-season-opening-need-know/

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The Daily Dash: March 15; 2018 {#Dollywood Season Opening Tomorrow} #DollywoodInsiders #Dollywood2018

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