The Daily Dash: March 25 2015 {Leaving to Edit}

by brenna

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In today’s Daily Dash video, March 25 2015, I can’t believe I didn’t record yesterday! It was my first day back teaching after Spring Break and obviously I was off my game…


The Daily Dash: March 25 2015 {Leaving to Edit}

* Search & rescue continues in plane crash in French Alps
* Amanda Knox case back in court in Italy
* Will Ferrell gets star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Loving: We’re big fans of the KidzBop CDs – it’s a way for our kids to listen to some of the most popular songs on the radio without worry over any inappropriate language or even off-color commercials on the radio. We first were introduced to KidzBop through CD #26, somehow missed #27 and just listened to the new KidzBop 28. While they still LOVE the concept, there are only 3 songs they “know” on this one, so it hasn’t been as big of a hit as the first one we owned. Still, the kids give it a big thumbs up.

Learning: I have to leave my house to get work done. I was supposed to spend Monday editing, but so many things came up that it never happened. So today I’m considering heading to the lobby of a local hotel so I’m not distracted by what needs to happen around the house!

Doing: That being said, as soon as I get this out to you, I’m calling a hotel I believe welcome’s local guests into their lobby and will hopefully get a few more chapters combed through. Continuing on week two of our Daniel Plan and while the eating is going well, realizing I’m going to need to make more time for exercise as well.

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The Daily Dash March 25 2015 {Leaving to Edit}

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Hope you make it a great day!

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