The Daily Dash: March 28, 2018 {Write It Down}

by brenna

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I heard some unique wisdom while taking a shower this morning…
The Daily Dash: March 28, 2018 {Write It Down}

* Stormy Daniels asks court to force Trump to testify
* Lauren Alaina won ACM new female artist & posted epic video of receiving the news from Reba
* First funeral held for victims of Siberia mall fire

My worth to God publicly is measured by what I really am in my private life – Oswald Chambers

If you couldn’t tell by the rain in Nashville, yes, I did was my hair this morning. And as someone that doesn’t like to ‘waste’ time, even when taking a shower, I always ponder what to listen to. Even though I’m currently listening to “Forgotten God” by Francis Chan ( on audiobook, I didn’t want to keep listening because I wouldn’t be able to take notes (I did ask for a pen that could write in the shower for Christmas, but my kids couldn’t find one – who else is this an issue for??).

So I turned on an old sermon from my former church in Florida and found Lisa Bevere ( speaking on vision (not comparison) in creating your best year ever. The one thing I grasped onto (which I had to keep repeating to myself so I wouldn’t forget before I got out of the shower) was this: “Write it now, run with it later.” She continued on to say when we write down the things the Holy Spirit whispers to it, it honors those words.

You already know I keep my bedside table well-stocked with notebooks and pens to write down those middle of the night thoughts and dreams, so this just affirmed what my heart already felt. I hope it encourages you today as well!

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The Daily Dash: March 28, 2018 {Write It Down}

Hope you make it a great day!

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