The Daily Dash: March 9 2015 {Spring Forward}

by brenna

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In today’s Daily Dash video, March 9 2015, we’re springing forward and excited to welcome dad and sister home from NYC today!

The Daily Dash: March 9 2015 {Spring Forward}

* 19 year old Tony Robinson shot & killed in WI
* Hillary Clinton remains silent on email scandal
* SAE fraternity at OU closed after video revealing racial slurs
* Apple debuts smart watch – first new Apple product launch since the iPad into 2010

Loving: The new book “Passing the Leadership Baton” from our FL pastor, Tom Mullins, that my very best friend (Carolyn) assisted him with. While I’d venture to say many of us will never find ourselves in the position Pastor Tom is in, we can ALL benefit from his leadership advice.

Learning: Was getting kids to school this hard when I was young? I know we’re not the most traditional parents, but for some reason it was extra hard getting my son to go to school this morning…perhaps because his big sister is in NYC? Yeah, that must be it…

Doing: Anticipating the arrival back home of my husband and daughter after their #DoubleDigitBdayInNYC. I have my first meeting with my book editor (I got the first set of editing notes back – while I’m thankful for the help, it’s always hard hearing how much needs to be changed 🙂 And finally, trying to get back on schedule now that spring seems to be in the air and we had to move our clocks forward this weekend!

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The Daily Dash March 9 2015 {Spring Forward}

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Hope you make it a great day!

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