The Daily Dash: May 1, 2017 {New Beginnings}

by brenna

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With a new month comes new beginnings…

The Daily Dash: May 1, 2017 {New Beginnings}

* Mass shooting at apartment pool in San Diego
* Tornadoes rip through the South
* ChainSmokers crash a Chicago high school prom

This Week’s Verse: Colossians 3:20
Children, obey your parents in everything, for this pleases the Lord.

We look for God to exhibit Himself TO His children, but God only exhibits Himself IN His children ~ Oswald Chambers

It was an eventful weekend around the Cone Home. My daughter got certified as a babysitter, my son had a friend from school sleepover and then my daughter had an old friend over as well. The girls baked beautiful cupcakes and then were quick to share them with the neighbors.

I also went through my closet and my son’s closet, so it was good to be home and get lots of cleaning done (more laundry than I’ve done in a LONG time!). We did have a bit of a rough patch Sunday after church (ironically), though it shouldn’t have surprised me after a busy day and a sleepover.

I noticed my son was adding more ‘bravado’ to his voice than normal and my daughter slept on her neck wrong, so the pain was not helping her attitude. I know all of us wanted to just go to our rooms and shut the door, but I made us all go for a walk. I’ve been reading a lot about mindfulness and being present in the moment (more on that tomorrow). I’ve also been advised to walk and talk, instead of just staring at someone across as desk; so that’s what we did.

I can’t say it solved everything, but it got us through the hump and allowed us to move on with our day instead of sitting and sulking. Tonight is also my daughter’s spring orchestra concert. I’m going to take her to the doctor to see if we can find relief for her neck and shoulder before tonight (since those are important for playing a cello). Please pray she feels better fast!

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The Daily Dash: May 1, 2017 {New Beginnings}

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